11 October 2014 – In the Works

Currently I’m working on two cover songs in Caustic:

I’m working on both, switching off so I can have them done at the same time and release them together. They’re near completion, but still need a little more work.

The recent acquisition of decent headphones has revealed distortion due to clipping in my vocal chorus of “In the End”, so that needs to be re-recorded; I also want to re-record the first half of the bridge, and the parts that Chester Bennington sings while Mike Shinoda raps. This will probably not happen until the middle of next week, as I usually take “vocal booth” time when I’m alone in the house. On the other hand, the instrumental is pretty much done; I just need to work on the sound balance.

As for “Monster Song”, the vocals are recorded and the basic instrumental is done; I mostly have to add in the little instrumental touches that fill out the arrangement. My original idea for this song was to perform it solo on the Stick while singing, and make a performance video for upload to teh YooToobz. However, I still haven’t made a serious effort to learn to play the Stick, so that’s not going to be happening any time soon.

After these covers are done, I’m going to focus more on original material.

[On the subject of Stick performance video, I also want to do Benjamin Bear’s “Out Here in the Sunshine”, which I would probably do first before moving up to the slightly more challenging “Monster Song”, and eventually making it to “Riding Tigers” by Slapp Happy with Henry Cow.


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