What I’ve Done (so far)

I currently have about ten tracks up on Soundcloud. In order from oldest to latest:

  1. “Decade” – a gift to my wife for our ten-year anniversary at the end of last May; EDM being her favored music. I spent about a month studying/researching the style, by listening to the “Trancid” station on iHeart Radio. Contains samples from Frank Zappa and from Ayumi Hamasaki.
  2. “Soft Kitty” – just a joke, really. Contains samples of my cat Hoshi, recorded with my tablet’s on-board mic. This was actually uploaded first, while I was still working on “Decade”.
  3. “The Trooper (Remix)” – a “drum n bass” type remake of the classic Iron Maiden song, using an isolated track of Bruce Dickinson’s vocal. I took a short break from the making of “Monsters and Magical Girls” to do this track, and uploaded it July 4. That’s right, a song about a cavalry soldier in the Crimean War, written by a British heavy metal band, uploaded on American Independence Day. Because why not?
  4. “Monsters and Magical Girls” – a medley of three pieces of music from anime: Urotsukidouji, Cutie Honey, and Dirty Pair Flash (Mission 2). I’ve had this medley in concept for over a decade now, but didn’t have a band to play it or equipment to record it; now with Caustic I can be the band all by myself.
  5. “Sorry, Wrong Number” – another original piece of EDM, inspired by “Seriously” by fellow Caustic Warrior Pan65. Like him, I used the Vocality app to convert text into speech; but where he used a spam email, I used a voice mail left on my phone by somebody looking for a pest control company, inexpertly transcribed by Google Voice. One notable thing about this track is that apart from the beatbox samples, I designed every instrument sound starting from each synthesizer’s default patch setting.
  6. “Penguin in Bondage (Demo)” – my cover of a classic Frank Zappa track. I’ve realized for a while that under the complicated musical arrangement, the song is basically a 12-bar blues, so this cover simplifies the accompaniment to fit. I’ve solicited a drummer and a guitar player to record replacement tracks for this, and I’ll record real bass as well. The vocals were recorded using the built-in microphone in my Toshiba Thrive tablet, and processed in Caustic using a setup designed by Jason Blann (EIP Studios Ohio).
  7. “These Minerals” – a ripoff of the track “Those Minerals” by Kabuto the Python and BC Kasparov. Their track is about the video game Mass Effect 2 while mine is about the video game SurvivalCraft, but both are about mining minerals in-game. Used a bootleg copy of FL Studio to duplicate the instrumental as closely as I could, and then this project stagnated for over a year because I had no microphone to record the rap. Finally Jason Blann of EIP Studios Ohio shared his Vocal DSP for Caustic with the SingleCell forum, and I was gifted a microphone shortly thereafter, so I was able to complete the track at long last. If I had the ability to capture video from my tablet, I would make a music video for this track.
  8. “Hobby Lobby” – remake of “Hobby Model” by Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire, written as a diss against Hobby Lobby (the company that objected to mandated health insurance covering women’s contraceptive care). These words were written and posted to Teh PhizBuk some time before the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of HL, but finalized and recorded just last month. Very special thanks to Shael Riley for graciously providing the original “Hobby Model” instrumental for my use here; I used Audacity to pitch-shift it down a minor third to work with my range.
  9. “We Could Share” – another original; this one was over 22 years in the making (sort of). Back in the early 1990s when it seemed every rock band was obligated to have at least one “I’m a sensitive guy” acoustic ballad, I wrote these words to take the piss out of the trend. I blame Extreme and their 1990 track “More Than Words” (as well as “Hole Hearted” and “Silent Stupidity Lucidity”) for starting the whole thing, as should be quite clear to anybody who hears this and is familiar with Extreme’s song.

“Cruise Control” is the only track not created with Caustic (or any kind of computer equipment.) This is a live recording of three other musicians plus myself (I played bass guitar) in August 1992. It was an improvisation session, and my friend Jason suggested a jam on a couple of weird chords; for several minutes we attempted to make something of the idea but failed to achieve anything good… until I suddenly hit on the bass line that starts this piece. Jason latched on to it, and we even worked out a “B” section on the fly. At the end of it all, I discovered that I had somehow neglected to roll tape on that particular jam – so we did it again, just the “good” part, which is what I have uploaded to Soundcloud. It is there because I plan to produce a more polished version in Caustic, and I put it on Soundcloud so that I could show it off to the others on the Caustic forums.

So that’s what I have up so far; more to come.


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