November 1-9 in review

Since completing my two covers I’ve been working on a piece to express my emotional state (which has since passed). The working title is “I Feel Nothing” and was to be followed with two more tracks “I Feel Everything” and “Everything is Nothing” – all three titles taken from the three volumes of k.flay’s mixtape I Stopped Caring in ’96. Last night I finished it just to be done with it and threw it up to SoundCloud. I might revisit it at some point though, augment the dull repetitive beginning with another synthesizer part, and make the other two tracks as well, but retitle them thusly:

  • Nothing Is
  • Nothing Becomes
  • Nothing is Not

…all three titles taken from Aleister Crowley’s The Book of Lies which is also falsely called Breaks.

Apart from the general state I was in, the track is also influenced by Frank Klepacki’s “Creeping Upon” from the PC game Command and Conquer‘s add-on pack The Covert Operations.

* * *

Also I’ve broken my “no more covers for a while” resolution, to make a version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” based on the Leon Redbone/Zooey Deschanel version from the movie Elf. I recorded my vocal part last Monday night – I did a couple of takes in my normal voice, and one take in my best Leon Redbone imitation, but decided to use the straight takes. Friday night I asked my wife if she would contribute the other vocal part to the track, and she reluctantly agreed (she has no great opinion of her own singing). Saturday night we went into the booth and I set her up with what she said she needed – a version of the original track slowed down to match the tempo of my remake*, which she listened to on headphones and sang along with while I had my tablet running Easy Voice Recorder Pro – I didn’t want her to have to hold the Radio Shack mic which I don’t have a stand for.
We did a couple of practice runs, and then I took three actual recorded takes. I haven’t done any further work with them yet though, but will probably do so tonight after dinner.

*the original track’s tempo is, as far as I can figure, 90.5 bpm. I determine a track’s tempo by using the “tap” function in Caustic to get close, and then play the metronome along with the track to see if it stays synched. A metronome set to 89 would start to lag behind around the middle of the track, while a metronome set to 90 would be ahead of the beat around the middle of the track. This shouldn’t be an issue though, as I will be cutting the vocal takes into chunks no longer than 8 bars, as Caustic still only handles samples of up to 20 seconds or so.


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