Wish I Had Some Cheese…

Current project “Butter Yo Shit”, a basically instrumental rock tune complemented by samples from Hannah Hart’s first My Drunk Kitchen video.

Usually I start with some melodic or chordal element of the music and build from there, but nothing was coming to me. I remembered¬† a video from the RecordingRevolution channel called “The Creativity Switch”, which suggested stimulating blocked creativity by switching something up in the usual routine – using different software, or starting from a different instrumental part of the composition, or even doing something different in the daily routine that has nothing to do with making music (change your diet, take a different route to work, whatever).

So instead of trying to force a chord progression or a melody, I assembled the drum patterns and then laid the vocal samples in. I’ve got that just about finished, with some minor adjustments still to be done, and that will have the basic skeleton of the track in place. Then I’ll work on adding a bass part; from there it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with some accompanying chords.

This will be good practice for “Once Upon a Time”, my long-form instrumental with samples from the penultimate episode of The Prisoner, which I’ve had as a concept for over twenty years now.


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