After some weeks of procrastination, I worked a little more on “Butter Yo Shit” last night, finishing the bass line for the “verse” portion and making a tentative bass part for the “chorus”.

In other news, got a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB recording interface for Xmas, which I won’t be able to make use of until after I move sometime within the next month.

Also, last week I got an iRig interface for iPad/iPhone , which will let me plug an instrument into my iPad and use the AmpKit app to simulate a signal chain including effects, amp/cabinet, and microphone. Tried it for about five minutes with the Stick melody strings, and it sounded okay in the “clean” amp setting, but when I switched to “lead” I got screeching feedback. I remember reading about the feedback issue when checking reviews of the iRig, and that there’s a simple solution to the problem, but I don’t remember what it is, and I don’t really have the time to spare at the moment to figure it out (being in the middle of a house move, as stated above).

Anyway, hoping to get more done on “Butter” in the coming few days.


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