“Drink All the Booze, Produce All teh Things!”

Got a chance last night to play with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the Ableton Live Lite software that came with it. I got it set up sometime last month but getting it set up was all I really had time for. I think the pack-in software was Ableton Live 7 or 8, but I downloaded version 9 from Ableton’s site and the provided registration key still worked.

Watching tutorial videos for Ableton I learned how to record audio, and also how to tweak the settings to reduce the signal latency. The input and output buffer sizes were stupid high, but following the instructions in this video I was able to determine the minimum necessary buffer size, and reduce the latency down to around 20 milliseconds.

I don’t have an actual “MIDI controller” to connect to the computer, but I have a MIDI interface that I bought about fifteen years ago that connects to a PCs gameport. I don’t know if the PC I’m using even has a gameport though, so that might be obsolete gear and I would have to get a USB/MIDI interface to use my Yamaha keyboard. At least I can record the audio out from the keyboard, which has about a hundred patches so I’m not lacking for variety of timbres.

Next I look into exporting stems from Caustic and importing them into Ableton, and using them as scratch tracks as I record actual instruments like bass or keyboard.


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