Introduction: So This is My Blog

My name is stePH and I’m a relapsed musician. Currently I’m 45 and live in Portland, Oregon.

In the past I’ve mainly played electric bass, dabbled in a little guitar and keys, and I’ve owned a Chapman Stick since 2000 though I still can’t really play it. I’ve written some lyrics and music, and played in a few bands, including a couple of club gigs back in the early nineties.

Shortly after acquiring the Stick my musical aspirations dried up, but this year I got the urge to start creating again. Since (to borrow a phrase from my fellow P-towner, rapper Cloudy October) “my imagination was bigger than my skill set”, I wanted a digital audio workstation program (DAW) to program my compositions, but most of them cost a few hundred dollars at least.

Last April I started using a mobile app called Caustic on my Android tablet, and composed an EDM track for my wife for our 10th anniversary. Caustic is amazingly powerful for a mobile app, containing seven different synthesizer types (including modular and FM), a drawbar organ, a sampler, a vocoder, and a sampling beatbox; plus a rack of effects, a 14-track step sequencer and a 14-channel mixer. I also joined the online community of Caustic users in the forum at Single Cell Software’s website. From there I signed up on Soundcloud, the site of choice for “Caustic Warriors” to show their work.

Now with a few tracks under my belt, I felt like keeping a journal of what I’m working on and how I’m progressing. And since this is the Age of the Internet, I do it in the form of a public blog.

My finished tracks are at Thetatr0n on Soundcloud. At some point I’ll set up a Bandcamp page and see if anybody wants to pay dollars for my music.


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